Medimi’s solution for handling medicine – advantages

Medimi®Smart was developed to make the handling of pharmaceuticals safe, simple and effective for care recipients and staff.

How the system works with Medimi®Smart

Medimi®Smart dispenses on the basis of the timetable, which is based on the physician’s orders. The pharmacy or care staff load the cartridges with tablets. Each cartridge is provided a unique informational label, and is then place in patient-specific bags for transport to the care recipient. Medimi®Smart opens with a code and the cartridges are placed in the dispenser.

Medimi®Smart collects information about the doctor's prescription in the overall care system. If the doctor adjusts the dosage, the information is sent to Medimi®Smart automatically, and on the next day the tablets are dispensed according to the new prescription.

The labels are scanned in Medimi®Smart in order to dispense the correct medicine in the right dosage at the right time. Medimi®Smart indicates with numbers, light and sound when it is time to take the medicine. The care recipient presses a button and then the tablets fall into a cup. If the patient does not take the medicine or if an error occurs, a message is sent to the selected recipient.

Medimi®Smart also announces when it is time to take medicine that has not been placed into the dispenser, such as salves, shots and liquid medicine.

Medimi Smart System En

Improved Drug Compliance among Patients

Medimi®Smart is 99.97%* reliable. The care provider by and large complete control over the care recipient’s pharmaceutical management. Medimi®Smart has a documented care-recipient-compliance rate of 99.26%**. This must be put into a perspective in which the WHO states that in developed countries, only 50 percent of people with chronic illness take their medicine in a manner that the doctor prescribes*.


Medimi’s solution is designed to increase compliance of the pharmaceuticals. This is achieved using automatic dispensing of the medicine in accordance with the prescription. This is based on patented technology that handles the medicines separately from the dose administration. Prescription: Time and dose are communicated via integration directly with our Medimi®Smart dispenser, which is placed in the care recipient’s home.


* Press release, Ældre- og Handicapforvaltningen, Aalborg Kommune, 27 January 2020
** Medimi’s internal measurements during the TIM project in Denmark 2019-2020
***Marie T. Brown and Jennifer K. Bussell Mayo Clin Proc. Medication Adherence: WHO Cares? April 2011;86(4):304-314




Increased efficiency in management of pharmaceuticals

Care recipients and care providers can jointly decide upon how much assistance the recipient needs in order to manage his medications when Medimi®Smart is implemented. By means of Medimi®Smart automatically dispensing unpacked medicine correctly and in the right amount, the number of visits can be reduced, thus resulting in savings in time and money.

Changes in the type of medicine and dosage are common. With Medimi®Smart, changes to prescriptions can be made in real time and remotely. This is as opposed to the sachet system with which staff needs to travel and change the roll immediately.

 Thanks to the system, Medimi®Smart can also manage emergency medicine and govern their ingestion as needed.


Why MedimiSmart over medical sachets?

As opposed to medical sachets, MedimiSmart handles medicine separately from the dose administration. This is done thanks to the use of cartridges with medicine compartments, as opposed to pre-dosed, sealed sachets.

  • The prescription can be changed in real time with a minimum number of visits.
  • No dose roller needs to be discarded or repackaged due to a changed prescription.
  • The packing of the medicine can be done either by the nurse, by the municipality or at a pharmacy.
  • Pills that must not be mixed with others can be handled (which is not appropriate for medical sachets).
  • Short-term medicines, such as antibiotics can be administered easily.

 Since Medimi®Smart is integrated and connected to the health care system, changes can be made remotely.


Help reduce the spread of infection

Thanks to Medimi’s solution for automatic medicine handling, the number of visits related to medicinal handling at the house is reduced.  

Our integrated solution, all the way from doctor to patient, means that most changes of dose and even prescriptions are made remotely in real time without visiting the patient.

 With Medimi's solution, we can more easily reduce the number of home visits related to medication adjustments and thus reduce the spread of infection in critical times.


Reduced Waste of Drugs

Medimi®Smart is designed with the goal of bringing down the amount of pharmaceutical waste as much as possible.

Medimi®Smart can be connected directly to the health care system or the to the doctor who writes the prescription. This means that changes of dose for the care recipient are made in real time and one does not need to travel out and repack new cartridges with Medimi®Smart. This is as opposed to the sachet system with which staff needs to travel and change the roll immediately.

Medimi®Smart is locked with a code and the care recipient has no means of gaining access to the medicines. This means that no medicine is misplaced and that nobody else takes medicine not belonging to him. If anyone breaks open a Medimi®Smart, a message is sent to the parties one wishes.”


Easy and Quick Implementation

Medimi®Smart is easy to implement. We have had a strong focus on implementation and user-friendliness for care recipients and staff.

The user interface is uncomplicated and designed with the challenges that the sick and elderly experience in mind. Medimi®Smart emits a signal using sound, speech and visuals. Care recipients appreciate both the design and function, according to the evaluation of TIM project in Denmark.

The administrative interface is designed to make it easy for care staff to administer prescriptions and logistics.

In order for care providers and care recipients to get as much out of the solution as possible, Medimi®Smart uses already existing information. Medimi®Smart can use information in already existing care systems. We have already integrated a number of generic systems and can integrate to those systems that are available.

Medimi assumes the role of project manager upon implementation. We train staff, set up “super users” and activate users. This is all done to ensure that the start-up and operation of the solution is as effective as possible.

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