Medimi®Smart – Comprehensive System for Medicine Handling

Secure automatic dispensing of medicine

Medimi®Smart – dispenser in three sizes

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Flex is the administration’s system in the solution. This is where the care recipient’s prescriptions and all other data/logged information from the installation are processed at the care recipient’s location. This information can then be analysed in a number of different ways. Flex also manages all rights for users and the care provider staff. Flex is also utilised when monitoring from a central location. The status of all the machines can be seen in real time, which gives the care provider a very good level of control. Flex also serves as an integration motor and is used when we need information from other systems.

Integration with Health Care System

Medimi®Smarts solution is designed to be integrated into large-scale health care systems, but it works perfectly well as a standalone device. Medimi®Smart can send notifications by e-mail, SMS, RVR (automatic voice call) and http.

Integrated in a larger care system, all settings for medication are obtained from the parent system and no input concerning medications, times and amounts needs to be done locally. The risk of error is minimised, as the medication information comes directly from the health care system. Since Medimi®Smart is always connected, there is a means to monitor the operating status of the dispenser. There is the means in a timely fashion to discover whether any medicine is about to run out or whether there has been a power outage.

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  • Johan Wiesel
  • Managing Director